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Do you want to live, work and learn here in the United States? Are you interested in becoming a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen?

Our experienced lawyers here at Aminova Law Firm, P.C., stay up to date on immigration law so we can help our clients, like you, with any immigration issues they may face. With attorneys and staff that are knowledgeable about the status of new immigration laws and legislation, we are better prepared to help your case gain a favorable ruling.

Because of our experience in the immigration law field, we are selective in accepting cases, and opt for those with a higher potential for a positive outcome. U.S. immigration law has become detailed and complex. There are now multiple provisions and guidelines that require people to meet very specific criteria to apply for a better immigration status.

With the laws constantly changing, there are often numerous ways to approach a particular legal issue. We will sit down with you and decide which procedure has the most potential for your individual situation. By attending several hours of continuing education courses each year that are related to immigration law, we work to be able to keep current with changes in all of the procedures and processes related to immigration.

We are a multi-lingual firm, speaking English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Russian. If legal matters regarding immigration are in your future, call on us - the experienced legal team with experience in immigration law. We look forward to discussing your situation and your options with you.