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Divorce Mediation

Unfortunately, more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Here at Aminova Law Firm, P.C., we understand the difficult time you are going through, and we treat you with respect and compassion. Mediation has been proven effective in reducing conflicts and creating agreeable long-lasting plans for custody and visitation. We put the needs of the children and the parents first, ensuring that the end result is good for all parties.

We are committed to creating a peaceful, positive resolution to divorce by helping everyone that is involved through the process. By using our mediation services, you save yourself from added stress, cost and the disempowerment that frequently accompany a litigated and contested divorce and custody battle. Before you ever step in to one of our mediation sessions, you will be working with a mediation coordinator to ensure the resolution process moves smoothly. We also set up the process so it is tailored to meet the wishes of both parties.

Why should we try mediation?

Because it is risk free. You are incorporating no risk in trying to resolve your disputes. Instead, you may be saving yourself a lot of time, cost and effort. All discussions and agreements that are reached through mediation are completely voluntary and confidential. In addition, the discussions and disclosures that are made during mediation sessions are legally protected communication. Therefore, what you say in mediation cannot be used against you in future litigation. Reaching an agreement is at the discretion of those who are involved in the conflict. Both parties have an equal role in the outcome. Plus our mediators remain 100% neutral throughout the process.

Mediation is also a positive approach to ending a marriage. You won't leave the session feeling that you have lost something. Instead, you will feel like you have worked on something and agreed to the outcome. Allow one of our experienced, professional mediators help you end the conflict. Our goal is to see you find a satisfactory resolution that benefits everyone who is involved. Call us today for more information about divorce mediation.